Our Philosophy

Philosophy and Purpose of Practice

Our objective is to provide the best medical and surgical care for our patients that we possibly can with the bounds of humanity, compassion and financial parameters provided. The entire existence of this clinic and its staff is to provide this care at all times and to always remember we are dealing with stressed and frightened patients who require gentle, loving care.

Equally important is a courteous, warm and friendly attitude towards our patients and their families at all times. In many cases, they are under a great deal of stress and some react irrationally. Reassurances and understanding from us is as important as our medical attention to them. Always remember how you would want you or your family member to be treated.

An enthusiastic and cooperative attitude among the clinic staff members is a prerequisite to belong to our "family". Stop to recognize that we spend more of our wakeful hours at work than we do with our families and you will realize how important it is for everyone to get along well and enjoy the work we are performing. Our clinic is a relatively small area in which we work closely together for long periods of time. We expect you to apply yourself to the best of your ability towards your duties and bring a bright and cheerful person to work.